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In order to confront the penetration of criminal money into state economy and to prevent expansion of terrorist activity, countries carry on a struggle against money laundering and terrorism financing. Financial organizations are one of the easiest of access and convenient instruments that allow to legalize revenue from illegal activity. The increased integration of financial markets and liberty of capital mobility between them make market penetration of criminal capital easier. Thereat TradersTFX applies by-law and programs of its implementation to help international organizations to struggle against money laundering and financing of terrorist activity all over the world.

1. Identification

The identification document must contain a clear photo, the applicant's full name and an identification number. An acceptable form of identification can be one of the following documents:

  1. Driving License
  2. Passport
  3. National Identity Card

2. Proof of Address

The Proof of Address document must contain the applicant's full name and a full residential address.The document must be Current and valid and issued in the recent 3 months. An acceptable form of Proof of Address can be one of the following documents:

  1. Bank Statement / Credit Card Statement
  2. Utility Bill such as a gas bill, electricity bill, telephone bill etc.

3. Copy of Credit Card (Front Side)

This is required only if you fund your account using credit card. In the front of the card you should have:

  1. The Last 4 Digits
  2. The Client’s Name
  3. The Expiration Date

You may send the documents to support@traderstfx.com or you may upload the documents in your Traders Cabinet under the 'Documents' section

Please note that TradersTFX might require additional forms and documentation that may be needed to complete the application process.