The safe haven of the financial markets is a precious metal that's extremely popular during economic crises

Silver trading has been a popular form of investment for thousands of years and in a similar manner to most other commodities, its value is derived from its supply and demand. Due to the recorded volatile behavior of silver prices, traders have been able to take advantage of short term investments within the market which has only added to the attractiveness of this precious metal. 

In a similar behavior to gold, the value of silver has soared since the start of the 21st century making it an alluring long term investment, however it is the frequent and often huge fluctuations in its daily price that has made silver one of the most popular tradable commodities. Much like with currencies and other tradable products, silver allows its traders to capitalize on all market movements, both positive and negative, in order to achieve beneficial results. 

Advantages of Silver Trading:

  • Silver trading is a welcome addition to any investor’s portfolio due to the vast daily fluctuations in its value that can present instant market opportunities.
  • Up to 500:1 leverage allows traders to benefit from the silver market without needing a large capital starting point.
  • Silver shares a ‘safe haven’ status with gold allowing long term investors the opportunity to hedge against inflation and other global economic pressures.

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